About us

We find immense pleasure in introducing our-selves “Zoltan Visa” a sister company of Travel Zoltan with over 20 years of experience & now one of the leading travel companies in India. We are a multi-national company established in India and UK.

“Zoltan Visa” was established with a goal to provide hassle free and smooth visa assistance which enables our clients to travel around the world without worrying about minute details of the visa application process and get complete assistance right from the beginning till obtaining the visa.

We are highly professionals with a team of extensive experience in the travel industry. Our team of professionals ensures that our customers get the best assistance and consultancy to get their visa so that they can travel to their intended destination with peace of mind. Zoltan Visa provides unparallel quality of services for the Tourist, Business and Visit visas to over 80 countries around the world and still counting.

We offer Consultation and Visa assistance right from the start and guide our customers throughout the visa application process based on our vast experience and knowledge of the Travel Industry. Our services primarily include short-term (Tourist/Business/Visit) visas both for travelers for leisure and business. We also offer corporate services to companies who are in need of sending their employees to other countries which covers everything needed including visa assistance, flight tickets, airport transfers, hotel bookings, travel Insurance, etc.

What makes us different from other Travel Companies?

  1. Our exceptional and unique way of providing Visa assistance which includes complete documents assessment, guiding you to fit into the eligibility criteria in order to get the visa approved*, recommendations for the best possible way of applying, documents pick and drop and much more.
  2. Complete Transparency in our process.
  3. Straightforward and easy way of applying which enables the customer to just complete the process in 3 simple steps:
  • Contact
  • Send Documents
  • Apply for the Visa.
  1. Provision of our services even after getting the visa so as to make the trip go smoothly.
  2. Assistance available 24/7.
  3. Complete customer satisfaction
  4. Fastest Visa Processing possible
  5. Best price in the market
  6. After the approval of visa, the customer can also get other services from our sister company, Travel Zoltan for attractive prices which includes
  • Flight Ticket
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car Hire
  • Travel Insurance
  • Holiday Packages
  • all kinds of arrangements for business travelers
  • concierge services
  • management services and much more.

We are here for all your travel needs. If you are planning to travel, don’t hesitate to contact us or just use the chat button to get in touch with us.

Also visit www.travelzoltan.com to get all the other travel services.

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